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  • How do I make an order?
    Simply order and pay online using the shopping cart. You can pay via card or PayPal. Need to issue a purchase order? Read further down the page for PO guidance.
  • Can you help with an urgent order?
    Don't panic! If you need your kites tomorrow or the day after, I'll do my very best to help you. Please just send me an email which I'll receive straight away on my phone. Tell me what kites you need, by when and I'll let you know if I can help.
  • Do you charge VAT?
    No, I don't currently charge VAT.
  • Can I return my kites?
    If you find your kites aren't suitable, then we are happy for you to return them. Return payment must be made by you and either fully insured for the full cost, or sent by a signed service. If kites are lost in transit and not insured, the full cost of the loss must be covered by you. If kites don't arrive in time for your event, returns are only accepted if you allowed enough time for delivery and selected the correct postage. Please always choose the correct postage option when buying your kites.
  • Can I issue a purchase order (PO)?
    Only organisations, such as schools or councils can issue a purchase order. My address for postal orders is: 2 Sloe Lane Beverley East Yorkshire HU17 8ND In a hurry and PO taking to long to be issued by your finance team? Just email me your order through, selecting 'Purchase Order' as the postage option, and I will be happy to process it then await the PO before invoicing.
  • Help! My kites haven't arrived!
    Try not to worry. I know it's hard if you need them for a party or an event. If you chose the correct postage and gave yourself enough time for them to arrive, they should get there in time. In over 12 years, only about 3 parcels have gone missing. They have normally been received, signed for and put in an office somewhere. Please check and double check - as this has happened more times than I can remember in schools and councils. However, if you still can't find them, please get in touch with your order details and I'll check the tracking for you.
  • Can you post kites outisde of the UK?
    Orders aren't limited to the UK, and just recently I have launched kites in skies above France, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Qatar, Dubai, the US and Australia! Contact me for a quote and delivery times.
  • Can you send me a copy of the pdf instructions?
    Yes, of course. Just get in touch and I'll email them for you.
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